The bedroom project is complete...

I'll get a series of photos up soon, but I'm still waiting on one piece of artwork for the large wall...

Here is a taste...


After ...

I think it's a pretty good change for a gallon of paint, removing some items and bringing some new textiles and other items in from other areas of the house.   The entire cost was 37.00  (gallon of paint and a roller) + tax. And, I'll get 10 bucks back via a rebate for the paint. Not bad I think, for a SUPER tiny little room. 


It's too wet to paint today......

we're getting slammed with rain. Detroit let its schools out due to the threat of flooding....and after what happened this spring/summer I don't blame them one bit, the last thing we need is buses on those flooded roads.

So, since I can't paint, I came up with a master list of things I have to do/want to do this fall..... I am sure I will add to this later. 

1. Change out the curtains to the winter curtains. 
2. remove the window a/c units
3. Clean/re-do/re-imagine the office
4. clean the basement
5. Paint the basement wall 
6. put the kitchen floor trim back on. 
7. touch up the paint in the dining room and the kitchen 
8. new pillows for the sofa
9. paint the bedroom
10. build a new raised platform for the bed in the boys room
11. put up the damn hooks I bought this summer.
12. take all the porch furniture down and store it. 
13. Paint the laundry room and try to figure out the storage situation in that room 
14. New doors in pantry and bathroom (we already own them) 
15. New ROOF. 

well, that's all for now. This list will only get larger.  Maybe I can cross a few of them off weekly though..... 

Have a great day- stay dry! 


Bedroom project update!

I just put up the very large paint sample in the room.... I like it. I'm going with it.

I like how it goes with the lamp, and with all the white that is in this room, it won't feel too dark (I hope)

In addition, we pulled up the red rug and put it in the dining room this weekend. More about that later, but here it is. I bought this wool rug (from Hold Everything) for 2 dollars at the Pottery Barn Outlet (along with a few others) when they were getting rid of all that inventory. It's one of my favorite purchases....


I'm thinking of a new DIY project- a denim strip or square rug

I saw this the other day.....

Think I can do this? I would love to have this....I just wonder HOW many jeans would be needed to do this? 


Bedroom project trial ideas...step 1

(cross posted over at the farmers daughter design)

no. Forget that, step 2. Step one was the mood board. Step 2 is this question.....

Do I even like the look I picked out? I have to say......

I do.  I still have to paint- so the room itself is still green...but I bought a sample and tried out "Man Cave" and I like it. It's DARK. It's going to take a lot of time to get used to..... and before I paint I really have to decide if I want it dark or go with white..... but I really think it's time to visit the dark side...

so here are some pictures of my initial trial run...

wait. Just in case you forgot....here is the sample board first...

and here is my trial run (minus paint color) 

The picture of the boy at the beach is leaving.... I don't know if another set of antlers will go there or a painting....

This is my favorite lamp. I love it. 

this is the paint sample near the UGLY carpeting. We have to keep the carpet. The roof estimate just came in over 8 grand. I need a roof more than I need a better looking floor. 

Possible art choices....

what do you think? I need to get the paint before September 3 so I can get the rebate..... I am so cheap. 



I'm building a fire pit

I'm pretty sure my arms are going to fall off.I will have pictures later I forgot to take a before so forgive Me.


Two possible paint colors for the bedroom project....

Man Cave and Weather Vane. I like them both. They even go with the ugly ass carpeting (which I might not have any budget to fix as the roof estimate just came in - Holy Moly!)  

They both go with BOTH fabrics I use behind my headboard. They do NOT particularly go with the large art on the wall- but I have an entire room of art I could choose from so that isn't a high priority. I think they would both look nice with either light OR dark drapery......

thoughts? ideas? Am I crazy to go so dark/grey/etc? 


I am going to have a big bedroom project coming up.....

I put up my before, before pictures on my other blog here...http://thefarmersdaugherdesign.blogspot.com/ .

They are before, before pictures. I am still in the pre planning stage...so all ideas or comments are invited and welcomed. I have to pick out paint, flooring, curtains, bedding and accessories. I plan on doing it this weekend.....

here is one picture to give you an idea of what I"m working with.......there are more here.....

I liked it when I did it (except that floor- wow is that ugly- but I'm bored now, and need change.


It's just another weekend at the beach.....

I am going to be very sad for school to start again....

we are so lucky to have the great beaches and water, and to live so close to them......


We skipped out for the weekend.......

we skipped out high school reunion this weekend- ran away and spent it at the beach...

This is Walloon lake, of Hemingway fame . 

It was wonderful. 

I will be back this week. 



Beating the odds and doing what I love all at the same time

Beating the odds, one day at a time....

Today is the start of year 12 of my marriage. It's been a good run all in all so far. We're looking forward to many more years (hopefully as good or better than the last 11)! 

We ate out, went to the beach, and some small town festivals. We ate fish and baked goods created by elderly church ladies.  We had a FANTASTIC pizza one night......and we even gambled at a casino- and won!  All in all a success all the way around.  

So first, here is some of what we looked at... 

our view from lunch..... 

pretty cool huh? We're so lucky that we live by some of the nicest beaches in the state..... 

We also went to see Murals made by WPA workers 

and then we saw a big yellow dino wandering around.... 


it wasn't all fun and games. We did do a bit of pickin along the way..... 

I got a wonderful Turkish rug

a very scary evil oil painting, 

a concert poster from Widespread Panic 

a cool vintage typewriter

a VERY busted up Selig chair from Denmark (for free) that will be my newest project chair

and a rustic wood folding table with some rug beaters and other assorted metal things.... 

(ignore the saw and stuff, we're building a new porch) 

All in all, a very fun, successful weekend !! 

oh- I forgot- two vintage Steelcase end tables too.... 

sorry that's a crappy picture! 

posted on my other blogs too..... 


Somehow I lost my way

I used to blog religiously. I used to facebook, pinterst, twitter and tumblr. Instagram was my friend. I jumped on the vine……. now. Nothing. I use my Flickr account a bit, and keep up with family on Facebook. Real life got in the way..and I am NOT sorry about that.

We started a small business- selling vintage furniture and fabric- that is taking off.  I taught elementary art classes last year. We did some work to our home. I traveled a bit. But the big thing, my son is going into middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. How that hell did that happen? I don’t know. Time flies. 

I can’t say if I will blog again. I might. Winters are long here, and my days are going to be empty. No job, no kid at home, and the Mr. is going to travel more for his work this fall/winter. I can only paint so much….. If I can fully understand what I want to say and how I want to say it, I will be back. 

Or, I’ll just post some snarky photo. There’s always that. 


We have a new cat.....

This is Spinx,

Our new cat. 

He showed up at our house (as abandoned cats will do) and he never left. We asked around our little village and no one fessed up to owning him. He lived outside in a hay bale palace  until two weeks ago, when it got down to -40 degrees outside. 

We took him to the vet, got his coins removed from his coin purse, and got him tested and  vaccinated . In addition, he had a infection in his face that we had fixed, and a raging case of fleas that we had exterminated. 

Now he's inside. He's a Red Point.  Very friendly (he went sledding with the boys ON the sleds), VERY VOCAL, very needy. All in all, a good boy. 

And now, we have two cats..... as here is the last stray I took in... 

They are still getting used to each other. 


Merry freakin Christmas.

I'm working on getting my life together...this past year has been.....fractured. I've been....flighty. Unfocused. I am hoping I can pull it together for 2014.....

We had a good Christmas with lots of gifts and family. The boy got a new camera (at 9 he has the same camera as I do) and he's been having fun taking pictures and videos- and exploring photo shop.

I might not get my computer back this break. 

But, that's ok. This is the time to expand his horizons. 

Merry Christmas, from the entire Farmers family. Even the cat.


My new hair... I did it.

Before- It wasn't bad...but it wasn't all that good either.

I think it's better. 4 + inches gone. I swear it's even, it's just how I was holding my head. I hate selfies...I am about the most un- photogenic person I know.  That is not fishing for compliments. It's a fact. Photos always catch me making some oddball face and I look like I have a tic. 

This doesn't suck though. I can live with this.